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Glasgow Genealogy

Family History Research and Genealogy by Morag Peers

About Glasgow Genealogy

Interested in finding your roots? Hit a brick wall in your own genealogical research? Perhaps you're interested in the history of your home, or creating a unique gift for a landmark birthday. 

Glasgow Genealogy can help you discover how your relatives lives in the past, not just in Glasgow, but across the globe. Morag Peers has been self-employed as a researcher and writer for 20 years, and has researched her own family tree from the Scottish Borders and Ayrshire to locations across the world.  She has a MSc in Genealogical, Palaeographic and Heraldic Studies from the University of Strathclyde.


What can Glasgow Genealogy Help Me With?

Glasgow Genealogy is here to help with all sorts of genealogy or family history projects, from small to large. Please get in touch for a no-obligation chat about any project you're considering. Typical research tasks might include:

  • individual report - a detailed study into the life of one particular person

  • ancestor report - looking at grandparents, great grandparents or further back

  • ancestral tourism - planning of a bespoke visit around ancestor's home town

  • charts - family tree diagrams showing how everyone's linked together

  • transcription - legal documents, diaries, correspondence or other paperwork

  • house history - detailed look at the people who lived in your house before you 

  • tutoring - if you'd prefer to carry out the research yourself, I can help you pulling together a research plan and help you get started.

House in the Woods

Ancestry Studies

Who were my ancestors? Where did they live, what did they do for a living, how many children did they have? Are there any secrets lurking in my family history? 

We've all watched the celebrities taking a journey into the past on the TV genealogy shows and wished we could do the same. We can take you on that journey, and show you where your family roots lie.

House and Building History

If you live in an older property, you've probably wondered what tales the walls could tell. We can help you find out about the people who lived in your house in the past including what they did for a living, how long they owned the property and how they might have used the space. 

It's not just stately homes and castles which have a story - the most interesting things can happen in the most ordinary of properties.


Morag helped me connect with my maternal Grandmother’s hometown. Our family knew very little about Grandma’s time in Scotland. We knew the name of the town but little else. Before the trip, Morag took careful notes and did research for us. When we arrived she took us on a lovely walk through the town and Loch Lomond. She shared so much history of the town! I honestly feel like I walked in my Grandma’s footsteps. Morag even made time for us to FaceTime with my Dad while we toured so he could experience connections with us. I’m ever grateful for Morag’s knowledge and kindness. Margaret & Jerry V. from Cleveland, Ohio

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