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Ancestral Tourism - client testimonial

A few months ago, I worked with a lovely lady from Ohio in the United States. Her grandmother had grown up in Dunbartonshire in the early years of the 20th century and had emigrated to New York in the 1920s. She never returned to Scotland, and her granddaughter was keen to explore her Scottish roots.

They contacted me online and we set up a Zoom call where we chatted about the local area and nearby beauty spots like Loch Lomond which her grandmother would have known well. Back in May 2023 we had a day out in the village her grandmother would have known, looking at the streets, the church and where the school would have been at the time. There really is no better way of finding out what life would have been like for your ancestors.

We even laid on a day of constant drizzle for that authentic Scottish ancestral tourism experience. On their return to the US, I got an email with the most lovely feedback: Morag helped me connect with my paternal Grandmother’s hometown. Our family knew very little about Grandma’s time in Scotland. We knew the name of the town but little else. My husband and I planned a trip with Morag’s help. Before the trip, Morag took careful notes and did research for us. When we arrived she took us on a lovely walk through the town and Loch Lomond. She shared so much history of the town! I honestly feel like I walked in my Grandma’s footsteps. Morag even made time for us to FaceTime with my Dad while we toured so he could experience connections with us. I’m ever grateful for Morag’s knowledge and kindness.

Anyone who is considering exploring their roots in Scotland - please get in touch. I'd be happy to work with you and come up with a bespoke experience based on your individual family history, just as I did for Margaret and Jerry.

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