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Scottish Passports - My RootsTech 2024 Talk

A week ago I was delighted to be speaking to Rootstech, the world's largest genealogy conference, about my research into Scottish passports. The session was streamed live, and people tuned in from all over the world to watch me talk about how you can use passports in your own research into Scottish family history from my loft in Glasgow.

There was a lot of interest in the topic, and some great questions! The best thing about RootsTech is that if you missed any of the sessions live - and there were hundreds over the course of the three day event - you can log into the website and watch the content on demand. There's a massive library of past talks on every subject you can imagine, in many different languages.

If you're interested in why someone may have had a passport at a time when it wasn't compulsory to do so, what the records look like and how you can use them in your own family history research, then you can check out my talk on YouTube.

Loved being part of RootsTech 2024 and will definitely be pitching some more ideas for talks in 2025, maybe in person as well as online?

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